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V2G Nissan leaf demo

Nissan demo

####October 27th, First demonstration of frequency regulation using Nissan leafs

During a International Energy Agency (IEA) workshop on Vehicle-To-X technology, Nikola project partners, including Nissan, demonstrated that two series produced electric vehicles (Nissan Leafs) could use V2X to provide frequency regulation. In the demo, that was carried out in the new EVLab facilities – part of the PowerLabDK platform, power was sent back into the power system when the frequency went below 50Hz meaning that there was a demand for power in the electric grid.

This proof-of-concept is important since it shows that more than a thousand Danish Nissan EVs are already capable of providing advanced V2X-based smart grid services. Ultimately such services should aid the operation of the future Danish power system while reducing the cost-of-ownership for EV owners.