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Grid Integrated Electric Vehicles - 360º Grid Support

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####June 8th 2016, Nikola end seminar - Grid Integrated Electric Vehicles - 360º Grid Support

On the 8th of June, the Nikola project partners invite you to a seminar on grid integrated vehicles. The Nikola project has investigated how the electric vehicle can support a power system based on large amounts of renewable energy.

The seminar will sum up on the findings and results of the project, demonstrate state-of-the-art OEM vehicles and chargers and have a number of guest speakers provide a status of grid integrated electric vehicles in Denmark and beyond.

Invitation: Click here Program: Click here

Registration: Please register no later than 27th of May by sending an e-mail to: atdue@elektro.dtu.dk Participation is free

Venue: DTU Risø Campus Building 112 Frederiksborgvej 399 4000 Roskilde

Contact: Practical information Anne Due, atdue@elektro.dtu.dk Technical program information Peter B. Andersen pba@elektro.dtu.dk